Friday, May 18

National Bike Month-Week-Day in a SideCar

From Yehuda Moon

Yeah, yeah...I rode my bike to work today. The novelty of Bike to Work Day is gone.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in the importance of Bike to Work Day. I will participate in Colorado Bike to Work Day by volunteering at a breakfast station. I will encourage non-cyclists or less than daily bike commuters to ride that day (and any other). But I won't really feel the firmness of the cultural pat on the back like I used to.

That's a personal thing. I see the value and the importance of events and designations such as National Bike Month to encourage, to educate and to validate cycling as a form of personal transportation.

The real reward of these efforts will come when people are riding in vast numbers but "Bike to Work Day" has lost its novelty for the culture. When people stop looking for recognition, or special encouragement, or a reason to ride, then cycling advocates will have won our grand victory. The day the cycling advocate has nothing left to do...that will be a sweet day.

Sorry, I don't mean to harsh your mellow. Many people are celebrating BTWD, and I do not wish to diminish the enjoyment or effort. I do applaud those who promote and participate in such events. I was caught off guard a bit: I trend to overfocus on the Colorado Month-Week-Day and somehow always miss the Nationally designated bike happenings.

On an brighter note, I saw something incredibly amazing yesterday.  Xtracycle will be producing a SideCar in the fall.

C'mon, who hasn't fantasized about having a sidecar on their bike? I love this idea, and I think it would be a cool DIY project, though I'd be more apt to just buy this from Xtracycle. I've already started rewriting my speculative autobiographical post-apocalyptic novel to include this. I've resisted getting WideLoaders, or even the RunningBoards, so I can carry bigger loads, but I don't think I can resist the genius of this new Xtracycle offering.

I would strap a lawn chair to it, erect a patio umbrella over that, and charge $5 a ride.

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