Friday, May 25

Ramming Speed Friday: Ramming Speed Friday

I've set myself up to feel inadvertent pressure to succeed when my mind isn't really into pushing so hard to get up to ramming speed.

This morning I pushed apathetically at my pedals. I didn't really want to go to work. And then I worried that my afternoon efforts would be thwarted by the strong winds prophesied for this afternoon, or just a general physical lethargy I've felt after my strong beginning this week.

Ramming Speed Fridays are supposed to be all about escaping the reality of the work week, of leaving it all behind for two brief days of respite. By 5:00 I may be there, but at 8am this morning my mind couldn't fathom mustering the mental armies to conquer that barbarian hoard of emotions.

I console myself, on those occasions of defeat, with the joy that I'm riding my bike toward home, my refuge, regardless of speed, and I try to take pleasure in just being awheel in the world.

This afternoon I pointed the front wheel of the Cannonball toward that far refuge, snugged down my cycling cap, and...

Wait! No, I had a message from the LBS! The OBS was ready!


The magnificent return...

I wish you could have seen the joy in my wife's eyes when I rolled into the Bikeport towing her "new" bike.

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