Thursday, May 24

Slow and Fast

After three days of rock solid commutes I just didn't feel it this morning. I puttered to Golden, fighting a vicious headwind leftover from the weather system that moved through last night, and wrestling with some inner non-cycling demons.

I was slow. So slow. And that's okay.

This afternoon my wife called to let me know she had to run in to Golden and asked if I wanted a (car) ride home. I accepted. And that's okay.

The commutes have been enjoyable. The weather has been exquisite, even the rainy ride home yesterday was nice, not too cold, not too humid, and so I have wanted to ride more. In fact, this morning I wanted to just keep riding past the building. I could have...

We scouted a key route for a family bike tour this past weekend, and so the bug is gnawing on my bones. I wanna go. I wanna ride away, far, far away.

I finally pinned down a good route to take the family up north to St. Vrain State Park. I also figured out how to get to the much closer Barr Lake State Park. Either destination would make for a good out and back overnight bike trip. Barr Lake is shorter, and simpler, at 30-ish miles. St. Vrain is 40 miles with a more complicated route. There are family friendly campgrounds at both. Both are in the plains, so no big climbs. The major factors to consider would be wind and weather.

Anyway, there's that, and then I need to come up with a good scheme for July for just Mandy and I. While the kids are off visiting grandparents on the far side of the Mississippi we're gonna go somewhere on the bikes. Still haven't worked that one out. July will be too hot for rolling around on the plains.

We're watching The Flying Scotsman on Netflix. It's based on the autobiography of Graeme Obree, the Scotsman who twice broke the world hour record and was the individual pursuit world champion in '93 and '95. He's shooting to break 100 mph on a bike.

Good movie, I would highly recommend it to any cycling enthusiasts. I want to read his book now.

Make me want to go out right now and pedal really hard.

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