Thursday, May 3

T - 99

Ninety nine days until the moment of truth. To mark the transition to a double digit countdown I rode up to Windy Saddle via Lookout Mountain Road this morning on The One.

Tomorrow the plan is to ride all the way to Buffalo Bill's grave on Minus, and then next week I'll venture back up Golden's cycling centerpiece either via Chimney Gulch or descend some dirty trail after crawling up the road. Maybe both...

The heat is on, both figuratively and literally. Spring has sprung with a vengeance. 51F this morning at 6am...

Yesterday as I pedaled toward Golden against my will I noticed what looked like a klunking bike leaning against someone's garage. Today I snapped a blurry photo on my way to LOM. Take a look for yourself, but to me it looks like a Klunker.

Notice the front disc brake upgrade.

It's funny, because I'd never heard of klunking before this week.

I'll be klunking my way to fitness over the next few months. The time has come for me to get serious or fail. Yeah, the choice is now. If I'm going to get the big buckle I've got to step up all of my efforts.


  1. I was thinking it looks a little new and shiny to be a classic klunker, but it's difficult to tell in the photo (at least to my horribly poor eyes). I love that video though - watching all the now infamous bike guys riding their klunkers in the Cali hills... pretty cool.

    Sounds like your training is coming along and you're getting close to THE day. I'm sure you'll do great and can't wait to read how things go.

  2. On closer inspection this morning I saw it had a more modern flat bar. I'm thinking it just has similar geometry. Didn't have the camera out this morning for a clearer photo.