Wednesday, May 16

The Joys of Warmer Weather

This morning wasn't my first t-shirt and shorts morning commute, but it was the first one in a couple of weeks. We had that warm spell, and then a cold spell, and now we're warming back up.

Longer days, warmer temps, less precipitation...all are factors that make for more enjoyable commuting.

Don't get me wrong! I love being out in the nastiest of the nasty bad weather. Snow, rain, hail, cyclones...I love it all. But when you're a full time commuter sometimes the bad weather takes its toll on your motivation and mood.

I do enjoy being able to wear lighter clothing. No matter how cold it gets, I struggle to find the balance between freezing as I ride and sweating like a hog under layers. Warm weather is nice because you just dress light and go with it.

The longer days increase my enjoyment levels because all of my commutes are now in full daylight. I've actually stopped carrying The Laser with me on a regular basis. I would still use it on overcast or wretchedly precipitous days though.

That may seem odd for regular readers who have known of my vehement endorsement of good lighting to be seen. I understand your confusion. I've decided to experiment a little with using less lighting. I'm doing this in an effort to cut back on battery cost, time spent recharging the Niterider light, and the added hassle. I know trading hassle for safety is not a wise idea, but I believe that with full sunlight I am visible enough without the light as long as I maintain my vigilance.

I've noticed my average speeds have increased as the temperature has creeped upward. Lighter clothing also means less restrictive clothing, and losing the balaclava allows me to sweat (I'm profuse at it) and not overheat as much when I put forth a greater effort.

Warmer weather is also conducive to direct cyclist - moto-fascist communication because lots of car windows are rolled down.

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