Wednesday, May 2

The Leadville Chronicles: 100 by 100

The time is going to fly now. The sense of urgency is going to swell like a tube poking out between the tire and the rim of your mountain bike in a concrete basement apartment. BLAM! And your ears echo for hours.

The real countdown now begins. I felt pretty good about my effort on Saturday. I know I need to do much better, but I'm doing better than I expected. Maybe I should shoot for the moon sooner rather than later.

Kingston soon as the snow melts. 80 miles and 7-ish thousand feet in gain. And then Evans. 100 miles and 9,000 feet of gain.

My son just hollered something from his room that sounded like "red velvet jetpack."

Anyway, in the spirit of Leadville and other grassroots mountain bike races, check out this video shared by reader Tom:

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