Tuesday, June 19

Blast Furnace

Ah, the middle of June! A coworker commented yesterday morning that it looked like the heat was going to go on forever. I commented that that was a simplified definition of hell.

Yesterday and the day before were both record highs. It was somewhere in the 90s Sunday and Denver hit 100F yesterday.

Yesterday I rode in through air heated to the low 70s. That felt good. But the ride home...well, it was hot, but it was a dry heat.

When I left on the MTB this morning it was cool on my street. In fact, it was a nice ride all the way into Applewood. But then when I left the tree lined streets for the exposed trail through the scrub prairie on the eastern flank of STable Mountain (it ain't goin' nowhere) it was like someone turned the knob to "broil."

As I began crawling toward the summit of the mesa I felt a serious lag in energy. I've lost something. My dietary faux paux last Wednesday and subsequent overtraining ride to the summit of Bergen Peak has just sapped my will to win.

I can't afford this kind of training mistake. I need to be climbing significantly on longer rides. Bergen isn't even a boil on the butt of Leadville.

No, I'm not in over my head. Shut up!

Something that became painfully apparent as I fought my way to the summit of Bergen last week was the fact that I typically neglect my upper body when conditioning for cycling. The same is true now.

I have 52 days to get into the best shape of my life. It will be a baptism by fire, as summer waxes full. But at least it's a dry heat.

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