Thursday, June 7

Complicity to Commute Fast

All morning people kept asking me: "Did you ride your bike today?"

When I would reply: "That's a stupid question, of course!" they would get pained looks and try and catch a glimpse of the sky before adding absently: "Do you know there are supposed to be thunderstorms this afternoon?"

"I brought a jacket!" I would reply. They would mumble something incoherent (presumably derision for my own "stupidity") before wandering away.

What's funny is that no one ever cared when I had to ride to and from work in the dark and cold. But a little rain, lightning, and the possibility of hail brings out the mother hen in the most cubiclized of us I guess. At least they were expressing concern for my well being.

Thunderstorms only worry me because of the possibility of being struck by lightning. The chances of beingstruck by lightning in your lifetime is 1/10,000.  The key to not being struck is to know where lightning is most likely to strike and to mitigate the conditions that make you conductive.  

Hail only hurts. A helmet actually serves a useful purpose during a hailstorm. Bruises typically heal.

Noon-ish today I looked out and saw rain and oogly skies. My hope was that everything would pass through earlier in the day instead of during my normal commute hour.

The afternoon was temporal torture. It dragged. But also, the skies remained oogly for quite awhile. Rain fell, the skies fell.

I looked up from my stupor and saw it was 5:05. ALMOST TIME TO GO!!!

I jumped up and began stripping down to change into my commuting garb and glanced through my high window out to the hall where in my allegory I get to see a semblance of the sky from my cave through the windows on the other side of the hallway.

What?! BLUE skies?

Hey! HEY!!! All you Chicken Littles! NO THUNDERSTORMS!!!

It's best if you don't hang the whole shebang on the nefarious predictions of the more attractive meterology students. I was going to be portaging a dry rain jacket all the way back home. But that's okay, I...WAIT!

No thunderstorms! My last commute of the week! RAMMING SPEED!!!

And so it was on.

I pushed hard, dodging pedestrians, motor vehicles, common sense, four way stops...making up for my complicity to commit a good example this morning...and SHA-ZAAM!!! I rocketed home with a 21.1 mph average.

Ramming Speed Thursday.

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