Monday, June 25

Might as Well Be Biking on the Sun

I checked the temperature in Golden before I jumped out of the air conditioning into the fire at 5:30 this afternoon.

4% humidity

By the time I reached home the moisture content of my body was about 4%. 

Thankfully it was partly cloudy and the sun itself was not baking me directly.

Unthankfully there was a blistering headwind off of the eastern plains. Between the fire wind and the air so dry is sucked the moisture out of my very veins I felt like my skin was just going to crumble into dust and waft away.

The forecast for tomorrow? 2 gazillion degrees.

The upside of tomorrow is that I get to go pick up the tickets my wife won for me for the Avett Brothers concert at Red Rocks this coming Friday. 

Bike to Work Day is Wednesday. Like I said not too long ago, the novelty has worn off. I bike to work every day. And yes, people have been asking if I'm going to ride on the big day. I want to smack them.

I just had an idea...

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  1. This heat is brutal - and the smoke certainly isn't helping matters. I can definitely feel it in my lungs when I ride or walk outside. Hopefully, they'll have all of these out relatively soon so the air can clear. The blazing sun is bad enough, but the smoke is creating its own set of issues I think.