Saturday, June 30

Ramming Speed Friday: The I-Won-Tickets-To-The-Avett-Brothers-At-Red-Rocks Edition


Shazoom! I feel bad for the abuse I put Minus through on the ride home this afternoon. It was my first day on early shift in a long while, my last commute of the week, and the commute that got me home to get ready for the Avett Brothers concert at Red Rocks.

I managed a 20.7 mph, average with a short delay even. Despite our previous stretch of days with triple digit heat, yesterday felt a bit warmer even though it was only in the 90s. Regardless, I slammed down on the pedals and rode Minus on a blazing track, a ballet of movement, a journey of speed, all the way from Golden to Arvada in a mere 27 minutes.


My first experience with Red Rocks was the U2 video for their live performance of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" there in 1983. Of course I never imagined I would see a concert there. I didn't even know where "there" was. I guess I thought it was Arizona or Utah or Mongolia.

Mandy and I haven't been to a concert since we've been in Colorado. And we've been to quite a few. We've seen Rusted Root and Jewel, Mat Kearney and John Mayer, Howie "Drunk" Day and Barenaked Ladies, Dwight Yoakam, Alison Krauss and Union Station, two Woodsongs tapings, including one with The Wailing' Jennie's, and it seems like I'm forgetting someone.

Before we met I saw Metallica twice, ZZ Top, Van Halen, Vince Gill, Alabama, and...I'm getting old, I can't remember any more.

City and Colour opened for the Avett Brothers. They're really good. During one song a guy in the crowd proposed to his girlfriend and they filmed it and the band got involved.

Before one song the lead singer asked if we had our dancing shoes on. He pointed to the drunk guy in front of us and said: "He does. He has his dancing tank top on." we laughed. He was an obnoxious drunk we vowed not to sit near back while we were waiting in line to get in.

The whole concert delayed a bit because of rain. The rain lasted a surprisingly long time considering Colorado has been like the face of the sun for so long now. But the rain went away, the puddles dried and the weather was stellar the rest of the night. The Avetts don't do a lot of talking and they did quite a spectrum of their own songs and I don't believe they did any covers. They did amazing versions of November Blue and Ten Thousand Words. Their driving live rendition of Kick Drum Heart rivaled the energy of any Metallica performance I've ever seen. I discovered I can't put many Avett songs and song titles together, but that I know most of the lyrics anyway.

Those guys play and play hard. They throw themselves into every song like a rescue crew digging for survivors.

Speaking of...the passed around some firemen's boots and raised $20,000 for the wildfire relief. That was cool.

It was an amazing experience. For me, it may have been my favorite concert ever. I'd love to see them in a smaller venue, but seeing them at Red Rocks was pretty freakin awesome!

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