Friday, June 1

Ramming Speed Friday: Summer Vacation Edition

There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation...

...for those who get summer vacation.

For those of us who don't get a summer vacation, it's at least nicer weather these days.

Flaunting the spirit or Ramming Speed Fridays I rode the Cannonball this morning. When I jammed down on the pedals this afternoon I didn't expect a bona-fide RSF.

I was seriously lagging until I caught the light at Illinoising and 19th in Golden GREEN, and I stood up on the pedals and flew through CSM's campus.

Then it was on. I pedaled hard down Illinoising and turned onto the Clear Creek Trail.

I got caught behind a slow moving roadie (yes, they do exist) but when we reached 10th I passed him into the bike lane and took off!

The lag came back. Roadie-O passed me quickly. I was bummed, even though I managed to keep up with him for awhile. And then he went straight when I cut off 10th/44th back to the trail (ask why I detour, I dare ya!)

In my defense, there was a stout headwind. I dodged wobbly cyclist, oblivious pedestrians, and hissing geese on my way to Ramming Speed Glory.

When I slammed into the fence at the back of the Bikeport I'd clocked a solid 18.6 mph average.


But I don't know how I did it. I felt so sluggish the whole way. The wind was beastly at times.  I did it though...

Summer is truly here and I am glad. Taking all the kids (niece and nephew are in to visit for the month) to Trails Day tomorrow. That will be fun.

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