Sunday, June 17

Searching for Biketopia: Valmont Bike Park

Despite 95F temps across the Front Range today, the temperature and humidity combined didn't equal even 100.

Most of the family wanted to laze by the pool, but two of us, myself and my nephew Ty, wanted to ride our bikes. He'd been asking to go to the pump track at the Golden Bike Park for a week or so, but an idea his me...


I'd never been to Valmont Bike Park in Boulder. I'd heard all kinds of good things about it, and had debated going for awhile. Well, ever since it opened.

We loaded up only two bikes and drove up to Boulder. We parked at the lot off of Valmont and there was only one other car. Score!

It was hot, and the fire within us was stoked. We pedaled away from the car a little too fast.

Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say Ty had the time of his life. He ran lap after lap on the lower pump track, and then when we discovered the upper pump track his grin spread so wide I thought the top of his head was going to fall off.

I don't know how many runs we did down the terrain park, until Ty face planted into the rail fence at the bottom. Then we climbed back up for a few more circuits on the upper pump.

We did two runs down Mesa Flow/Corkscrew. Then we did a few more laps on Hot Lap/Dirt 101.

Finally, as we approached the car we couldn't help but race around The Glades with stupid grins on our faces.

We stove off the demon heat with a bike-powered wind in our faces. It was a grand day.

Today was just a scouting trip. We're taking the rest of the tribe real soon.

What is truly nice about a bike park...versus trails in a national forest or open space setting, is that most of the trails are one way, they are "bike only," they are designed just for bikes, and they are really freakin' fun! It really felt like an afternoon in Biketopia.

Some of the amenities at the bike park


  1. Thanks for scouting out Valmont. I've been wanting to take my 6 year-old daughter there since it opened, but haven't been able to convince myself to drive all the way to Boulder just to ride. Looks like it is well worth the trip.

  2. It's great for kids. There are a lot of kids there and there are a to of kid-friendly areas. You won't regret it!