Thursday, June 7

Stealin' Bread From the Mouths of Decadence

The walls were talking to me this morning. They asked: Did you ride your bike today?

"Of course I did, what kind of stupid question is that?!"

You know there are supposed to be thunderstorms this afternoon?

"That's why I brought my rain jacket."

You're crazy.

"#%$! you!"

Well, didn't really curse at my coworker, but I wanted to. And I want a different job, so maybe I should have.

In other personal commuting news, I was all discombobulated this morning, but in a good way. My cyclo-fascist routine was knocked off by my beautiful wife riding alongside me for 6 miles of my commute.

We stopped at all the stop signs, she called out "on your left" to even the path-crowders, and we had a nice ride together.

Last night we came to the conclusion that instead of our morning walk, we could sleep later, and she could ride part of the way in to work with me and then return.

As we parted ways just east of Golden I had a wave of contentness wash over me. I would rather we could have just kept riding together, but the ride we had was great.

That is one thing that hasn't changed for the better for us by living in such a bicycle friendly place: we just don't have enough free time.

So you steal it where you can, and if you get caught you play the "just stealing bread so my family can eat" card.

Tomorrow I'm stealing saddle time commuting to Boulder for my last class in pursuit of a professional certificate in sustainability management.


I've been debating a full road ride this time. All of my previous commutes to Boulder have involved short cuts on trails. But I think Minus is fleet enough to get me there by a longer route. We'll see...

Not to get too political from such a good mood, but this morning the news was all aglow from the stock market results from yesterday, and hardly shivered as they transitioned to a discussion of the deplorable state of European economic shenanigans. So let's pat ourselves on the back and spin the wheel again today, right?

Here's to our kids being smarter than us...if they can manage to outlive us.

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  1. I've told them they're crazy for driving all the time, but I think that just solidifies my insanity in their own minds.