Sunday, June 3

The Outskirts of Biketopia

My niece and nephew are in visiting for the month of June. The really great thing is that they love to ride their bikes.

We've fixed up a couple of bikes for them to ride, and the six of us have ridden to Olde Town twice this past week. All four kids ride around the yard and our street at will.

Yesterday was Trails Day and we ventured over to Majestic View Nature Center for the festivities there. There was drama from my eldest, but we made it over there okay. Mandy met us about half an hour after we got there and we all just hung and enjoyed the scene, until...the sky to the west bruised an ugly indigo and gray.

At first us parental units didn't think much of the angry skies, but when lightning started flashing we rounded up the troops and beelined for the Bikeport.

The short version is that we made it home before the rain. And it never rained very hard. We'd had a good time at Trails Day, and next year will get there even earlier.

Ty has been asking to go to the bike park in Golden. I guess we'll have to venture out there while the kids are in. There are also plans to go camping somewhere where we can ride the mountain bikes. This next weekend I think we're going to go commune with nature in our own special the top of our lungs.

These kids are LOUD. No, you don't get it.  


As we go riding around with the kids I sort of start to relive my own childhood to some degree. Its just fun to bike with kids. The difference is that I can't turn off the cyclofascist in me. Before we went to Trails Day I gave the kids a dooring demonstration and a comprehesive defensive riding lecture. And when Boone blew through a stop sign in the parking lot of the strip shopping center below our house I cried:

"We're going home!"

"Why?" the kids all yelled.

"Because Boone just got killed by a car when he ran a stop sign!" I didn't think it was melodrama, but they still didn't take me too seriously.   

Anyway, the old Bianchi Lynx MTB has returned to the Bikeport and has provided me some wrenching practice. It really needs its wheels trued, and I've been trying to justify a truing stand. It's a great old solid framed bike. There's part of me that wants to make it into a touring bike for Mandy so we can do some mixed terrain touring when the kids fly east for July. 

Time will tell...

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