Thursday, June 28

Winners and Losers

A few nights ago I dreamt I won a Yuba Mundo. The troubling part of the dream was when I was trying to figure out where we could store an 11th bike (a 3rd cargo bike!) and when we would need it.

Then I saw a Facebook ad for the Yuba Boda Boda cargo cruiser. there a connection?

Recently (IRL) I did win tickets to see the Avett Brothers at Red Rocks. Ever since I have been praying for rain in Morrison. The tickets only say "rain or shine," they say nothing about wildfires.

Avett tickets were free, the Boda Boda retails for $999. Not too bad either way. Of course, a truly affordable cargo bike would make me even happier. The Xtracycle still shines as an economic alternative to an integrated cargo bike.

The Boda Boda has some nice features, the most notable is its relatively light weight at 35 lbs. The Avett Bros tickets were even lighter.

I know a guy that once won a Chevette. Remember Chevettes? Winning one isn't even in the same coolness ballpark as winning a cargo bike or concert tickets. Chevettes were dumpy little cars.

Anyway, it has "cooled" down to the mid-90s. The ride in this morning was less miserable. I hope July is cooler than June has been.

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