Tuesday, July 24

A Writer Writes...Always

The night was...

I've offhand mentioned my attempted fiction exploits, and today, Dear Readers, is the day I offer up my first short story to you for public consumption.

The story is called "All You Haters," and chronicles a day in the life of a cubicle bound bicycle commuter named Brian Anderson.

I'm going to offer it two ways. In the spirit of vulture capitalism I will offer the finished story to you through Amazon's Kindle store (for the low, low, low price of 99¢): All You Haters Kindle version

And in the spirit of this-is-my-first-story-so-I-feel-guilty-charging-you I have an earlier draft here on google docs: All You Haters free version

I have no qualms with you reading it for free, the only thing I ask is that in return give me some constructive feedback. Anything goes.The main difference in the two versions are some word choices and other minor variations.

I hope you enjoy it. So far I've had mostly positive responses to it, but these are responses from people who know me well. I'd like to see what the masses think. Or, the two or three people who read this blog.

I'm also working on another short story that I feel is much better, but it is also a much more deeply personal piece, and therefore is taking me a bit to refine it.


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