Tuesday, July 3

Adventures at Valmont: Kee-rash!

Tomorrow all four kids, spawn and sibling spawn, fly east for the rest of the summer. I had to take them all to Valmont one more time.

The skies threatened rain, but we were not to be bullied about. Off to Boulder we went, skirting afternoon traffic by my new sneak route, reaching the bike park around 4:30.

We rode and rode and rode. All four kids from five to eleven had a blast. We averaged one crash per kid, though Bean's two crashes were minor and Ty  just picked himself up and rode away leaving a trail of blood behind.

Boone, on the other hand, busted his face.

When I came upon him in the trail I knew something was wrong. His face was covered in dirt and blood. He was crouching in the middle of the trail.

When I had him calmed down he told me he'd at least gotten a good jump, but it was an accident. He'd just gotten going too fast.

The day was over, but we'd all had a great time, even Boone, despite his new "ruggedly handsome" makeover.

Beanie is getting really good on her pink princess bike. She's learned good bike control with her coaster brake. Boone is doing really good too, dropping into some surprising courses at the bike park. And doing well!

So they'll be gone a month. I've already promised Boone is take them to the Golden Bike Park when they get back in August. I'm glad we got to spend some good quality time together before they go. Boone is a trooper and we told him he'd have good stories to tell while he visits grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

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