Tuesday, July 31

Breaking Records

I'm calling it a little early. July is going to be my biggest mileage month ever but only by a few miles.

On Sunday I realized I had three riding days left in the month in which to cover 154 miles if I wanted a 700 mile month.

That was basically 50 miles a day. Sunday was my second planned rest day after my Corona Pass ride and I was leery of breaking a big rest day just to pad my miles.

I didn't ride Sunday, and I'm still glad I stayed off the bike, but that changed my burden to 75+/day the last two days of the month.

Yesterday I managed 44 miles but the last 20 were rough. My morning ride up Lookout cost me.

That left about 110 I'd need to get today. Don't think me a wuss, but I just didn't have it in me. As much as I wanted to claim two centuries in a week's time, as much as I think one more "easy" century would help me toward Leadville, I just couldn't find the mental energy and physical strength to pull it off. I'd have had to call in "sick." I'd've suffered through one century or two moderately long rides...and for what? Well, glory. Bragging rights. Sponsorships. More maintenance on the bikes. One less sick day to burn this fall. 700 freakin' miles.

This was a lesson learned long ago: the last couple days of the month are not the appropriate time to bulk up on miles. You push too hard.

I'll bust my previous record of 601 miles. I'm at 600 and change now. Heck, pushing my bike down the hall this afternoon to leave the building will put me over my record.

July has been a good month though. I did three big rides, my second century ever, and despite about half a dozen days I didn't ride to work I still managed my best month ever.

I feel good too. I've managed my recovery and associated pains well. I feel much more fit on the bike than I ever have. And I still love riding. I'm not choking on too much.

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