Friday, July 6

Friday Cleanup

First, let me apologize for some recent erroneous words and other typographic mistakes here on the edge of the pavement. I've been employing new technologies and they may or may not be sustainable. I.e. I've been composing my posts on my iPhone to fly under the supervisory radar at my day job, and I have fat fingers. Plus, I got a truly schizophrenic version of autocorrect.

I'm nearing 30,000 page views. In the whole blogular scheme of things that's not much, but for me that's a big number. And I'm happy to see traffic coming in from new and various sources. Hi y'all!

Since last Friday I've been glutting myself musically on City and Colour and Avett Brothers. Last night we discovered Mat Kearney has a new album coming out. We first saw him opening for John Mayer in '06 or '07 and became instant fans. I particularly like "Down" from his new album.

I'm avoiding writing about more serious things because my brain is tired. My whole commute was a meditation on Kennedy's Crimes Against Nature. You have to fight through the hopelessness that follows the realization that there are people out there with power and money that could care less if they harm or kill the masses.

Anyway, so I'm trying not to digress into bleaker topics.

The weather is cooling, but the chance for rain has been going up, though we've still not seen a significant precipitation event. Training conditions are improving, but tenuous.

No big changes on the blog of late. I might cleanup my blog list and some of the page elements. If there's something you like, or would like to see changed let me know. I'm thinking of simplifying, which means subsidies for the rich and cuts for the poor elements on the page. I'm always open for constructive criticism by the way. Just let me know...

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  1. Just keep writing, 'fat fingers' and all. The variety of subjects and views are good. Thanks for the blog.