Monday, July 2

Monday and Monthly Mileage

I had hoped for more, but June ended with 522 miles. Not too shabby, but I had hoped to have a chance to break my monthly record of 601.

My monthly average for the year is creeping up. Right now it's 430. Projecting that puts me on track to break my 5,100 miles in 2011. Stoked about that. July should be a high mileage month. I'm hoping for 700+.

I took Boone and Lily to Valmont on Saturday. It was hot. We rode for about an hour and the kids had a blast. It was a good outing, and I was glad to spend a little time with just my kiddos. On Wednesday they're flying east to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins for the month of July. They'll be back just in time for Leadville.

I'll miss them, but this arrangement will be good. I'll be able to focus a little more on training and Mandy and I can do some fun non-kid stuff all the while. 

July I'm back on early shift, and today is the first Monday of July. I really didn't want to face such an obstacle. It wasn't terrible though. Rode The One.

The High Park Fire is finally 100% contained. Of course, unless you've been under a relatively cool rock you know that the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs was more destructive in a number-of-homes kinda way. High Park topped out at 87,000+ acres and over 200 homes. Waldo Canyon was/is much smaller but destroyed over 300 homes. Crazy.

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