Thursday, July 19

The Leadville Chronicles: Event Horizon

After a weekend away it's hard to get back into the swing of things. This week has been particularly hard.

I'm planning on doing my Kingston Peak ride Saturday a.m. Mandy has offered to run SAG. I'm still a bit nauseous thinking about it. I've been slowing down this week. Each day I've felt more sluggish. Tomorrow I may drive to work to give my body a rest before my big effort.

The reality is that Kingston is a five mile greater effort than Squaw was. There's a little more climbing on the return, and the roads aren't as bike friendly, but otherwise it shouldn't scare me.

My goal is to successfully fuel a 9 hour Leadville pace (11.1mph) to Kingston and back. On Squaw I managed 10. That was an improvement over my deplorable Bergen Peak ride awhile back, but still short of a big buckle. The flaw on Squaw was too little fuel.

I'm upping my intake to 200-250 calories an hour with a good base of glycogen stores out of the gate. I've been going too lean. I'm afraid to eat too much while riding. But I've been suffering from an empty tank. I know that's been the problem.

It occurred to me yesterday that I should be approaching both Kingston and my planned Rollins Pass ride each as The Event themselves. These are my dress rehearsals. It's all or nothing. These have to be the full effort.

It helps that I'm stoked to ride beyond Elk Park to Kingston. I've never summited Kingston, and the area around it is pretty cool. It's just below James Peak on the east side of the Divide.

I've never been to Rollins Pass either, and I'm chomping at the handlebars to do the ride from the valley to the pass.

The One needs some love too. Saturday afternoon I might try to get it into the LBS for some tightening and adjusting. Got to get everything dialed in...

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