Thursday, August 30

Hot September

Fall is coming, but the forecasted high this afternoon is 96F. We've broken the record for the number of days over 90F in a year. And we're still going strong.

The days are distinctly shorter as August fades. As previously mentioned, I broke out the Laser. Since my early morning assault on the Mordwand I've used it during the first part of my morning commutes to be seen, and I've been using a rear blinky LED for the same reason.

I dread the days when I'll be commuting both to and from work in darkness. But for now I leave just before dawn and the light grows as I ride away from home. I've gotten to see quite a few cool sunrises over my shoulder in recent days.

There's a lot going on in my head right now. I want to spill it all here, in the storm drain of the Internet, but I hesitate. I can't articulate my feelings as strongly as I'd like. I'm angry. I'm fed up. I'm brain tired.

Things will get better. We'll pass through this phase of the moon and the lunacy will wane a bit. The Alpine Odyssey is just over two weeks away. I have that to look forward to. And after that we'll have a better idea about Leadville 2013.

This afternoon I broke my monthly record. With one day left this month I am 3 miles over my previous record of 610 miles last month. I should hit at least 640 if I can squeeze in a few extra miles tomorrow.

I think I have my failure at Leadville to thank for a record month. If I hadn't DNFed I wouldn't have signed up for the Alpine Odyssey, and I would have probably slacked off my efforts.

Of course I would trade a record month for crossing the finish line in Leadville...

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