Saturday, August 18

Looking Back, Looking Forward

A week ago I was on my way to Pipeline at this time, feeling good, riding hard. Hard to believe that was a week ago.

Took the family to Valmont earlier in the week. It was Mandy's first time there. She had fun...going over her handlebars.

Y'know, those logs look inviting and easy, but they're tricksy, false. I was following behind, and she crossed the bridge no problem, and I thought she'd skip the log, but then she started across. I was thinking: "Just go, just go, just go!" when she had second thoughts and tried to ride off the side.

There's an optical illusion there. The log looks wide and low to the ground, but it's narrow and higher than it looks. Afterward she said it felt like slow motion. I said, no, it just happened really slow.

I'm stoked she tried it, bummed it didn't work out, and proud she got back on the bike all dusty and banged up. Hard core man!

Lily did the same thing her first pass there a couple of months ago. I avoid the thing. I think it's built on an old abandoned, old abandoned Indian burial ground.

She got back on the bike and kept riding. We had no other mishaps. Boone's face stayed an appropriate distance from the ground, and we pretended not to see the log obstacles.

In the end I think everyone had a great time.

The weather is finally cooling off. Fall is hinting at its eventual return. I can't wait.

I've got some training to do yet. Crested Butte is four weeks away. I need to do as much climbing as possible.

My littlest Bean starts kindergarten next Wednesday. Hard to believe.

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