Friday, August 31

Mellow Speed Friday: Monthly Mileage Edition

August fades into September. In August I attempted the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race. I only managed 87 miles, but it was an incredible experience. But because I fell short I didn't slack off my training immediately afterward. I continued cranking, trying to pedal my way over those 13 miles I didn't ride, over that finish line I didn't get to see, to that magic place where my dreams had been realized.

So August 2012 was a record month for cycling miles for me. It beat out July 2012 by 7 miles.I didn't ride home this afternoon. I was offered a ride and I took it. I didn't need to rub July's face in it. 617 miles was well earned, not padded, not contrived. Why beat the previous record into oblivion when I can't crack 700 anyway?

The final tally is:

August 2012: 617 mi.
Daily average for the month: 20 mi.
2012 total: 3,809 mi.
2012 monthly average: 476 mi.
Projected total for the year: 5,716 mi.
Total ridden in the past 12 months: 5,454 mi.

As the year cranks on my monthly miles will drop off. After the Alpine Odyssey I may ease off my efforts. I may. But November and December (with the exception of December 2010) are historically lower mileage months for me. I don't expect record numbers. August may be my last hurrah for 2012. Then again, September may be another record breaker. If the weather holds...

It's been an interesting year, an interesting summer, and the future holds so many mysteries. I foresee the possibility that at some point in the future I may not ride as much. I foresee the possibility that I may not always be a daily bike commuter. At some point I may even work from home. Will I get fat? Only if I stop "racing."

I plan on being up early in the morning. I'll outfit myself as a jersey guy. I'll snap on the lycra, load up the bike with fuel, and I'll strike out for the Dirty Bismarck. I've missed it. I'll crank out some good training miles early so I can spend the rest of the day with my family. Maybe I'll get in another good training ride over this holiday weekend. Maybe I won't bother to write about it. Maybe I will.

As I sit writing this I am awash in a cool melancholy. Too much swirls around my brain this afternoon. Too much trouble in mind, but too many possibilities. I want a glimpse of the future, just enough to let me know I'm on the right course. I think I am, but I need just a poke of reassurance.

See you in September.

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