Friday, August 24

Ramming Speed Friday: Roadie-O Edition

The Lance Armstrong statement came out this morning. Tonight is the KOM Citizens' Hill Climb up Lookout Mountain which I seriously considered doing. Tomorrow is the USAPCC stage through our town. The day after is George Hincapie's last day as a professional cyclist and the conclusion of the big race. I've sort of forgotten about mountain biking this week.

Through my connections at work I was offered a four passes to the VIP tent at the starting area for tomorrow's stage in Golden. I couldn't pass it up.

I like my speedy, nimble, steel-framed Bianchi road bike. As much as I like cranking in the dirt and in the woods I gotta say it's pretty fun to just get out on the pavement and pedal for all I'm worth and cover the miles. There's something about going fast under your own power...

Racing became interesting to me when it revisited the roads I frequently ride, when it circled through my stomping grounds and started calling out familiar names, and when the permit for the USAPCC landed on my desk last year. Back then it was still called he Quiznos Pro Challenge. While I'm not crazy about the current name, I definitely think its better than a moniker shared with a sandwich. I still have issues with McDonalds being the biggest sponsor of the Olympics.

Then I became a "racer" myself, though the only thing I was really racing in Leadville was the clock. However, that day gave me a new appreciation and a new interest in participating in competitive events. Enter the Alpine Odyssey (Three weeks!!!). (Almost) enter the KOM Citizens Hill Climb tonight. Enter the plan to do a 5k run on Thanksgiving with my wife. Enter, certainly, other events in the years to come.

For me, the appeal to participate lies solely in endurance mountain biking. I've too much stress-related weight gain to outrun jersey guys on the road, but I have enough padding to outsuffer them. I also have enough mass to outdescend them, but they just go too fast up the hills for me to make up any ground going down.

THIS looks very, very tempting. Shhh!!! Don't tell my wife!

Yeah, I could get into the non-commercial, remote, scenic, epic, insanely long endurance events like that. That's right up my alley, down my creek, squirming in my brain.

Wait, this post was about road riding. Right?

Hijacked! By...myself?!

And yes, this is the subtle unheralded return of Ramming Speed Friday. This summer has just been too crazed...and this past couple of weeks has given me plenty of reasons to want to flee the cube, especially Flee.

I fleed...flewed...fled at a solid 20.4 mph average. Ramming. Speed. Friday.

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