Monday, August 27

Summer of Cycling

It's been quite the summer of cycling. I'll count it over on September 15 at the conclusion of the Alpine Odyssey.

Early summer I was ramping up my Leadville training. I did my last commute to Boulder and did a little exploring. While the niece and nephew were in we rode in Vedauwoo and Buffalo Creek. We also discovered and tore up Valmont Bike Park.

Mandy discovered a love of mountain biking, I've now fully embraced my inner dirthog, and the future looks to be more dusty.

When the kids vacated Colorado I really ramped up my training and did my big distance and climbing rides. I made my Kingston Peak attempt and an amazing Corona Pass ride. Amazing. July was a record mileage month, over 600, and my average commute speeds have steadily improved.

We visited Utah and rolled over the CO/UT state line on our bikes. The desire to return and visit Fruita and Moab swelled.

The Olympics road racing caught my interest where few other televised cycle races have.

Then Leadville.

And immediately thereafter the plan to ride he Alpine Odyssey... I've started thinking of myself as a mountain bike "racer."

The Lance Armstrong statement was the line in the sand that seems to have a disproportionate crowd on the same side as Lance.

Most recently the USA Pro Cycling Challenge has raced through our lives.

Between Leadville and the USAPCC we've been within arms reach of a host of notable cyclists, both mountain biking and road cycling: Rebecca Rusch, Dave Weins, Lance Armstrong (in the same room), Ricky MacDonald, Grace Ragland, Alban Lakata, Tinker Juarez, Eldon "Fat Cyclist" Nelson, Cadel Evans, Christian Vande Velde, Levi Leipheimer, Jens Voigt, Rory Sutherland, Tom Danielson, Taylor Phinney, Ivan Basso, George Hincapie and the rest of the USAPCC field. It's been so cool to see so many of the big names of cycling this summer.

Netflix revealed The Flying Scotsman, which led to me reading Graeme Obree's autobiography. Obree's story strengthened a fascination with professional cycling in me.

The Reveal the Path debut pulled us to Denver. It was enjoyable and inspiring, as were the stories that have come out of the 2012 Tour Divide, and stirred up the bees nest of interest in endurance racing in me. Talk of the Colorado Trail Race was heard.

I'm currently reading Joe Bowen's Real Winners Don't Quit and Lance Armstrong's It's Not About the Bike. Yeah, I'll be inspired to levels of ridiculousness by those...

I've written a few cycling related stories over the summer, too, and came up with yet another good idea just a few days ago.

We're coming down to the wire on the Alpine Odyssey and I feel a change in direction coming.

I feel that my focus may swing back to commuting. I may be wrong. I may continue to be MTB stupid.

From a career standpoint I completed the CDOT Bicycle Facilities Design class back in the spring and then I applied for a big advocacy related job in June. Still waiting to hear the results on that one...

My mind is still somewhat spinning from the past couple of months. Hopefully I can go back to a more diverse range of subjects here on the pavement's edge.

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