Thursday, August 16

The Alpine Odyssey: A Side Trip On The Leadville Quest

I'm signed up. I have a hotel room booked in Gunnison. On Saturday, September 15th I'll be riding the 100K/58 mile Alpine Odyssey qualifier in Crested Butte, Colorado.

After all I've done 58 miles seems quaint. I've had morning commutes that long. I can train to crush this.

I have just under a month. My main training scheme is to revisit Bergen Peak and either Squaw or Chief Mountains. Otherwise I'm just going to commute hard, and maybe alternate doing Lookout Mountain and Genesee before work. We're looking at a lot of road work.

Based on my performance in Crested Butte I'll lay out a plan for the year for Leadville 2013.

I'm stoked. The pressure isn't as great for this. And I feel great right now. I just need to keep my training up and carry the momentum I have now for a bit longer.

The pace will be faster. The field will be smaller. The climbs...I don't know. I'm 100% unfamiliar with the course. The ultimate goal will be to make the cutoffs and finish. The ambitious goal will be to knock the race out with a stellar result.

After Crested Butte I can relax quite a bit at least until the first of the year. In fact, I may go on a hard training hiatus to give my body some much needed rest.

On the other hand, Mandy and I are preparing for the Thoroughbred 5k in Lexington, KY on Thanksgiving. We're possibly going to have quite the crew: the two of us, my sister, Mandy's mom (maybe), our friend Di, and who knows who else?

Do I sound like I'm contradicting myself? Nah, it's all good...

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