Thursday, August 23

USAPCC VIP Captured By The VC and We'll All End Up On KP

In the midst of a wretched day at work an amazing opportunity presented itself: the opportunity was for me to obtain four passes to the VIP tent at the start area of Saturday's Stage 6 of the USAPCC in Golden.

I been bemoaning the fact that I had been missing all the coverage of the race because it's been too busy at work for me to keep my eyes glued to the Radio Shack Tour Tracker like I did all through last year's inaugural Running of the Boys All Over Colorado...when...I got the most fortunate email. An offer, a gift, a ticket to the big time!

Did you know there is a rider named Colorado in the race this year? Yeah, he's from New Jersey. Or somewhere.

Anyway, I'll be taking my scruffy, caddy-esque family to play in the VIP gene pool on Saturday. We'll slurp where others sip, we'll belch where others...well, belch. We'll rub elbows with people who have no power or influence in the world, except to make Lycra look so good fat people will wear it with abandon.

We'd planned on venturing to Boulder, to bump elbows with 3,000,000 more attractive people than ourselves, but this plan seems to have more perks.

I think if I can just meet George Hincapie before he retires I'll be a happy man. And Levi. He won the Leadville 100 once, I think.

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  1. Big George is the man!!!! I believe he has the most starts and finishes in the Tour De France, Lance has great praise for the man, true team player.
    He will retire after a long and great career.