Thursday, August 23

Wearing You Down

You didn't ask for this, this whole Leadville obsession. You didn't care about my ambitions or my dreams. You had a singular purpose and you fulfilled it so well, so often, stopping my forward motion again and again. I owe you my life even...after so many thousands and thousands of feet of descending, miles and miles of urban and suburban traffic...what can I say?

So I repay your benevolence by asking more and more, putting your through greater abuse and strain. And yet you still performed your duties and kept me safe and whole. I'm such a wretch. I just couldn't ignore your groanings. I had to do something...

So this post is to you, Factory Rear Brake Pads, you're the best! May you rest in peace!

If it makes you feel any better, you did such a good job of stopping me I had to replace my Rear Tire a couple of weeks prior. 

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