Sunday, August 19

Weekend Ramble

Let's step away from all this Leadville silliness for the first time in awhile. I'm a changed cyclist, so you're going to hear a lot more about MTB racing in the future, but we need a break, eh?

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge is fast upon us. I'm probably not going to try crank by crank coverage this year as I had to blow off work last year to do it. It's just been too busy for me to do that again. I do promise some good photo coverage of the Golden to Boulder stage. I'll start planning soon so I can position myself for the best photo op in Golden.

I took the kids to a bike rodeo in Golden yesterday. They had a pretty good time.

I still have a cargo bike and we still just have one car. Not going to buy a Hummer to use as a team car for Team Pavement's Edge Racing. I am looking forward to cooler commuting weather. This global warming thing is starting to wear on an old sweathog like me.

I had my first long-sleeved commute this week. The low one morning was about 50F.

Reading Joe Bowen's book makes me want to go on a permanent bike tour. I just want to pedal away from the mundane. Anything you can conceive is possible, and I have a great imagination.

I realize the culmination of my long LV obsession has taken focus and attention from other things in my life. I need to be looking to my desired career shift. I don't want to start another year in permit review. The cubicle walls are closing in. I've got ideas...I need action.

At one point I was all gung-ho to do good things in advocacy. My interest has waned, maybe because of the dust in my eyes, maybe because of all the usual reasons: apathy, roadblocks, moto-fascistsp, lack of funds...who knows?

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