Tuesday, September 18

Murdering Mascots

September 22nd is the first day of autumn and the "official" running of the Cougar Slayer with aid stations and course markings. Due to prior commitments I won't be able to be there to ride on Saturday, but my amazing wife has offered to run SAG on Saturday the 29th.

There's really no long term benefit to doing this one last endurance race of the year. I can't imagine it will positively contribute to my fitness levels next August because I do fully intend to lay off hard mountain biking til the end of the year. Of course, you know what they say about good intentions...

But one last hurrah, one last rip-roaring good time...while my fitness levels are up and my mind is still in race mode...that's what the Cougar Slayer is all about for me.

While the Leadville Race Series still holds me in thrall to its amazing culture, I'm becoming more and more drawn to the grassroots, underground, laid back atmosphere of races like the Cougar Slayer. There's just something cool about being a part of something really unique and mostly unknown.

I'm a sucker for a good hush, hush kind of event. And here I go blabbing about it by scribbling reams on this here back alley wall of the Internet.

I invited Sam (from the Alpine Odyssey) to come along and benefit from our SAG setup and he agreed to throw in his lot with is. It'll be good to have some mutual moral support.

I'm not fearful of the course, but there's something ominous about heading out alone to subdue an unfamiliar 70 mile route in the mountains. Despite my propensity for self-reliant solo adventuring sometimes I find challenges that seem...well, challenging. Maybe I'm getting to be spoiled by well-stocked aid stations.

On the 29th Sam and I will attempt to slay the cougar and claim a belt buckle for doing so. There will be a write up. Oh yes! Shameless self-promotion, glorious exploitation of the grassroots ambiance, cheapening of the experience by ruthlessly blogging about it with little literary skill...that's what I'm talkin' about! All the while claiming to appreciate the obscurity and novelty of such events...

I'm a scoundrel, I know.

Heck! I'm not even going to train for this one!

Well, maybe that's not true. I'm compelled to ride and play in the dirt before the snow flies. This is just another excuse to delay my well deserved rest.

Rest...HA! I'll still be a full time bike commuter and Mandy and I are planning to run some 5ks. I'll get no rest til I'm dead.

So let's go slay us a cougar!

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