Thursday, September 27

The Long Dark of Moria...

Monday my shift changes. I'll need to be at work at 7:30am. And so begins the long journey to spring. I'll descend deeper and deeper into darkness as the days shorten. In the midst of winter I will be riding to and from work in darkness.

I can't fully express my mild despair at this prospect. Commuting in full daylight is a freedom hard to describe. No dealing with lights, no cold weather clothing, no ice, no hidden obstacles. Darkness adds to the stress and changes the game.

I welcome cooler weather. I thrive in lower temperatures. I'd imagined Colorado would have been colder than I discovered it to be. Oh well...

Finally we've gotten enough "rain" to settle the dust of summer. The trails on North Table Mountain are not so loose anymore. This is a good time to ride trails for fun; not to build endurance or speed or to train for climbing.

Fall is bittersweet. The weather is perfectly desirable, but the optimal conditions don't last long. School is back in and work stays shackled to the cubicle dweller's ankle. Ah, to just be free of a schedule from September through November...

The light of spring is a long way off. I'll trudge on, alert to the ambushes of winter's orcs. I'll continue east toward Lothlorien, pining for the daylight and the green of the trees of summer.

Maybe I'll find some answers in the dark this go 'round. Maybe winter will bring about some of the changes I'd so desperately like to see in my life. A new job? A single speed commuter? Mountain biking nirvana? The post-carbon apocalypse?

We'll see.

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