Saturday, October 13

300 Days of Leadville

My training for the 2013 Leadville Trail 100 MTB race officially begins. I have 300 days to forge a sub-9 hour cyborg of man and bike.

I'm going to use simple math because its the only kind I can understand. The first 100 days I will dedicate to general conditioning: core, cardio, and strength training. The second 100 I will work on speed and technique. The last 100 I will work on maximizing that speed over distance.

This track comes from my self-identified weaknesses. I'm not in great physical shape, and I'm not fast or super-techno-proficient. That is going to change.

I've been slacking, eating like a punk, living an inconsistent cycling lifestyle, blah-de-blah-blah. After Crested Butte I got lazy. Maybe I needed a break. And now it's definitely time to get on track. I have so much room for improvement. I need to drop down about three notches in my belt as well.

I'm not a Clydesdale, but having the big guy come across the finish at the Alpine Odyssey and pick me out of the background noise to ask my weight...well, lets just say its odd having once been the guy that got picked on for being so skinny and now to be self-conscious about wearing skin right Lycra in public (private viewings are a whole different story).

300 more excuses. No more failures. We're only moving toward and over the red carpet from this point.


  1. Yeah. I know. As if finishing wasn't I got to give myself overly ambitious goals as well.

    After this past year I am certain I can finish the Leadville 100 in less than 12 hours. I have complete confidence in that.

    I think I failed because I was trying to go as fast as I could. When I gave up I still had enough time to almost walk to the finish from where I was at the time. I was done because I couldn't keep up the pace.

    So I think the challenge for me is going to be to finish at my "fast" pace. I'd like for that pace to be 9 hours or less.