Tuesday, October 23


As the season cycles toward winter I have been trying to switch gears and get into the cold weather commuting mindset. On one hand I want to keep things simple as the days get shorter and the wardrobe thicker. On the other hand my instinctive commuter mentality wants to throw all my tricks and tools at the boogie man around the corner.

One thing I did this past weekend was to put flat pedals back on the mountain bike. In my mind the trade off isn't worth it to stay clipless in inclement weather.

Yes, I lost five minutes on my morning commute by going flat. No, I don't think it's prudent to ride clipped in on snow and ice. And I've never been able to ride in my MTB shoes when the temps get below freezing. My toes turn into popsicles.

So there you go, I want to get back on some trails and see how odd it feels not to be clipped in. This will be the big test. I've had shoes and pedals on the MTB and road bike since well before Leadville. It's second nature now.

I'm sure technical climbing will be the crux matter. It will be less stressful (I predict) but harder.

It felt really odd not to be clipped in on my commute yesterday morning. I'm leaving the pedals on the road bike. I see no reason to switch. If the surfaces become winterized I have no intention of going out on skinny tires. Been there, done that.

Although...after my commute home last night I just felt weird. I had to put the clipless pedals back on. Might end up back to flats by the end of the week. There's snow in the forecast!

In other news... I've seen video of this guy doing tricks on a road bike before, but this is far more impressive than the first one I saw.

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