Saturday, October 6

Dreary Goodness

Autumn has us in its exquisite grip. The skies have been grayscale for a few days. The temperature has finally collapsed in exhaustion after struggling to hold up the summer norms far beyond what is reasonable. And I had no cycling scheme or plan for a Saturday.

It made sense to have no plan, to take it easy, to hang at home on a near-blustery day, drink coffee, eat my wife's homemade apple pie, nap through half of Captain America: The First Avenger, and not care.

We went out early and ran our errands. We didn't ride. It was just too cold to justify this morning with the kids. Plus, one of my errands was to go and pick up some new tubes for the cargo bikes.

We dropped off the recycling, picked up my hold at the library (The Mountain Biker's Training Bible by Friel) while Mandy picked up some yarn, swung by the feed store for bedding and feed for the rabbits and chickens, then because we were close we drove over to Salvagetti and chatted with Scott for a few minutes and got those tubes. Then we braved the grocery store and headed home.

I wanted to go for a bike ride, but I also wanted to not do anything.

I have not fixed my flats. I have not gone for a bike ride. I did not manage to see all of Captain America. I did drink a cup and a half of coffee and eat one whole piece of pie. So I guess the day is a success. 

I wanted to write a bit. Its just hard with the kids running around thumping and hollering. I'm not blaming them, just pointing out today was a not a conducive environment to moistening the media with creative juices.

My synapses have been firing after talking to Scott at the bike shop. I asked about upgrading my wheels and we had a good discussion. We also looked at bikes. My attention has turned back to the Kona Kahuna. I was close to choosing it before I settled on The One. It's a 29er. So I may consider selling a kidney (and The One) and go with the Kahuna. It's just a consideration at this point, nothing concrete, nothing in stone. Perhaps. Contingent upon...

Scott also showed me the demo Surly Krampus.The estimated MSRP skeers me! ($1,950), but it would be both an awesome MTB (even for Leadville) and an awesome winter commuter. *Sigh*

Salvagetti's new neighborhood is interesting. Like I said, I rode through there the other day and waxed nostalgic for urban riding. Along 38th there is an area where it looks like Denver has been focusing on New Urbanism inspired revitalization.It felt less like suburbia and more like just plain old urbia. 

But being trapped in urbias of all kinds I have a hankerin' for some dirt and the smell of the snow in the pines.

I want to ride some trails. I'm going through withdrawals. I miss playing in the dirt. I think we're going to have to take a family outing somewhere soon to carve up some singletrack.

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