Monday, October 29

Fictitious Mountain Biking Bucket List

If you could ride a bike (road or mountain) in any fictitious worlds that have been conceived in any medium, be it literature, film or TV, what would they be? Top five. Or ten.

Mine are:

1) Middle Earth

2) Kim Stanley Robinson's terraformed Mars

3) Narnia

4) Ringworld

5) Oz

Seems like I'd need a mountain bike for my fictitious bike tours. Maybe even a fat bike for touring on the Yellow Brick Road (assuming the bricks are more like rough cobbles) and on KSR's Mars.

Imagine how different all those stories would have been if Tolkien's Fellowship had been on mountain bikes. Or if the kids had found a rack of bikes on the other side of the wardrobe? Dorothy and friends might have outrun those flying monkeys on a good set of wheels...maybe a couple of tandems.

For those of you unfamiliar with Larry Niven's Ringworld, it's simply a made world, like a ribbon circling a star at the ideal orbit to maintain life, with raised edges to keep in the atmosphere. Imagine a bike tour as long as the orbit of a planet in space!

If I could choose any of the five (or more) imagined worlds I think I might pick Robinson's Mars first, followed by Middle Earth.

What imaginary worlds would you cycle through?

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  1. Hey you actually can ride Middle Earth. Just a quick trip to New Zealand!

    I would want to ride Donaldson's "The Land". Imagine how long you could ride with "treasure berries" in your jersey. And how nice your knee would feel after finding the magic healing mud!