Wednesday, October 24

In The Tweeterverse

Saw a tweet from @COMBAorg this morning: "Can Bailey be the next Fruita? Mountain bikers say 'yes'" and it links to an Out There Colorado article of the same name.

I'm all for it if they can move Joe's Ridge to Bailey. Nah, I'm all for it even if they can't.

I sound all important, I've actually only seen video of Fruita, and have driven past on the interstate. But from what I've seen it looks pretty awesome. Riding at 18 Road is high on my cycling bucket list*.

Anyway, Fruita is far, but Bailey not so much. I can do Bailey as a day trip. Bring it on!

I really like Buffalo Creek and want to do some riding around Kenosha Pass . So all-in-all it sounds like a fantastic idea. Can't wait!

*More on the cycling bucket list soon.

1 comment:

  1. Buffalo Creek, isn't that where we went to check out the ride last year but the snow was an issue.
    Great area wish I was there now.