Friday, October 5

Misplaced Monday Winter Commute

I staggered out of bed and into the bathroom this morning. The outside ambient light had that weird quality that indicates snow on the ground and in the air. I peeked bleary-eyed out the window; sure enough--snow.

I had to rethink my wardrobe and bike choice (road bike) and by the time I was rolling out of the Bikeport on The One I was going to be cutting it close to make it to work on time.

A mile from home I picked up something metal in my rear tire. A flat. In the cold wet darkness...a flat.

If I were truly hardcore I would have just changed the tube. Instead I called for SAG. Mandy came and picked me up, and once back home I grabbed the road bike after all. Still have a flat on the Cannonball too. As we were getting out of the car my lovely wife asked with a sheepish grin: "Would this be a good time to ask if you can meet me at school tonight?" Golden to Westminster=18 miles.

This is getting old. It was my fourth flat (not counting my worn tires this week) since the middle of September. I'm so sick of changing tubes.

The longer jaunt up to Westminster is no big deal. It's a good excuse to get some more saddle time. It'll be nice...assuming I don't get anymore flats on the way.

It was cold this morning: 31F per the meteoro-fascists. I was still sweating by the time I got to the last hill before work...despite an easier effort on my part to avoid skating on skinny tires.

It was cool riding past the autumned trees with a light coating of snow. Snow fell softly as I left the house initially, but then as my commute wore on (and on and on) the sun came out bright and strong over the frosted landscape. It was an emotional sunrise.

I was an hour late. I rushed to get ready to cover a slow front counter. I wanted to get coffee in the atrium but there were 28 people in line in front of me. I had to go back later.

Someone said: "At least it's Friday." Man, but it sure feels like Monday.

Now that I've settled into my day it's going better. I got coffee. I need to get a free moment later to plan my ride up to Westminster.

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