Wednesday, October 31

Monthly Mileage: October 2012

That's right boys and girls! It's time for the monthly tally.

This month I rode 466 miles bringing my 2012 total to 4,834 miles.

That brings my monthly average to 483 miles a month and projects the year out to 5,796. But, like I've said before, November and December are typically low mileage months for me.

This past month was my seventh highest of the year.

To exceed last year's annual record of 5,100 I only have to get 267 more miles before the end of the year. Cake man!

1 comment:

  1. I am about 100 miles below my highest yearly total (currently 4650). November and December here are really dependent on the weather. BUT I will get those 100 miles in if I have to do it in a snow suit. I also set a goal of riding outside at least 1 time each month this year. Last winter never showed up so January and February were easy. We will see what December brings.

    I did crush my best "total time" this year. For some reason the additional mountain biking has cut into my millage total. Go figure.

    Next year should crush both total miles, total time, and total ascent.