Monday, October 8

Politics and Mountain Biking

Ooh! Sounds ominous, huh?

Nah, you might remember a time on this blog when I ranted about the car vs bike issue, peak oil, politics on occasion, etc, etc. I don't do that so often anymore. You might think this is a symptom of my chronic short attention span...but it's not.

I think I needed a break. Obsessing about Leadville let me take my mind off more serious topics for quite awhile. It helped me recharge a bit. It let me pretend the world was okay for awhile. Stop calling me delusional!

This morning I have been catching up on the more "serious" blogs I follow. Transition Voice had a piece on the EU meltdown in progress, and I hadn't visited James Howard Kunstler's blog for a couple of weeks. I had watched the presidential debate, but heard nothing substantial. In fact, the only thing I can remember about the debate is Mittens' Big Bird comment, and the look on Jim Lehrer's face afterward. The SNL skit spoofing the debate was far more memorable than the real thing. That's sad.

Jim Kunstler sums it up nicely in last week's post:

...Mr. Romney (is) an empty vessel in a vacant room in an abandoned property in a forsaken land...

It happens that his opponent, Mr. Obama, is a genial fellow with whom almost anyone might like to have a beer. Despite his winning smile, though, the president has managed to cripple due process of law, make war on the nation's own citizens, let Wall Street criminals run amok, and sell out the electoral process to a corrupt corporate oligarchy. I wouldn't vote for him again...

I have little hope for American politics. I went from oblivious (pre-9/11), to playing catch up for all those years I dismissed politics as irrelevant in my life, to being informed, to being jaded...and then the span of about ten years.

I even had my brief moment of "I need to get involved" [shivers]. That passed when I moved out of my hometown.

Y'know, my focus on mountain biking kind of excludes politics. What can possibly be political about riding your bike in the woods? Truly, riding a bike shouldn't involve politics at all, but somehow people have made riding in the street political. Thankfully there are places to ride off road where you can hardly be troubled by politics, save for the random ambushes by the secret service. You've had that happen. Right?

Anyway, I'd like to go back to boring you with some cyclo-centric propaganda. Maybe I'll print up some flyers and hire a plane to drop them over the metro area. Or I could blog about it. About as effective.


It is Columbus Day and despite my function as a government flunky I am again shackled securely into my cubicle for the day. Oddly, the courts are closed, but county administration is open. Another of the indignities of not being in the law business and making six figures.

Oh, and there are metal detectors only for those scuzz-buckets going into the court side of the building. Any old slob in a smelly t-shirt can walk in our office with a semi-automatic and go all postal on us because he/she/it got a zoning violation. I'm serious about the "it." Sometimes you just can't tell. 


We did have a well-timed fire drill this morning. That's how we always get talking about the lack of metal detectors on our side of the building. Fire drill always leads to speculation that it's a bomb threat which leads to all kinds of office paranoia. Hey, I've seen Office Space. It's freakin' hyhsterical!

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