Friday, October 26

Ramming Speed Friday: Big Returns Edition

Let's do a quick recap.

I can declare an official Ramming Speed Friday if I:

Ride a 17+ mph commute home on either the Xtracycle or my mountain bike


Ride a 20+ mph commute home on my road bike

I've ridden the X the last couple of days because of it's helpful fenders. I hadn't ridden it much at all over the past few months. I never feel very fast on it and I've been craving speed more than just about anything else. Today I nailed a 17+ mph commute home. And, since it's Friday, I was on the X, and I was on my way home...


Yes, the return of the Cannonball X and of Ramming Speed Friday!!!

Anyway, according to Strava I tied my fastest time on one of the segments I rode this afternoon. Bonus for a RSF! Again, I didn't feel very fast, but really, there's a reason I call it the "Cannonball." Once I get up a good head of steam there's not much that will stop it.

I had to dodge some crusty slush on some of the MUP bridges. Wet leaves lay in ambush in a few spots. But I still managed to crank out a respectable end of week ride. I was glad to be rushing away from the cubicle/cell.

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