Friday, October 19

Ramming Speed Friday: Strava Addiction...Er, Edition

Do you refuse to ride roads or trails that don't already have Strava segments?

Do you find yourself wheezing and your chest thumping more than usual after rides?

Do you find yourself scrutinizing other bike commuters to see if they match any of the athlete profile photos of those who have faster times on your everyday segments?

Do you obsess over "PRs?"

Are your loved ones distancing themselves from you because you just can't stop talking about your progress through the ranks on your favorite segment?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you may be addicted to Strava. If you answered yes to all of these questions seek immediate professional help. And I don't know if there are any segments on the way to the crazy doctor.

Yesterday was phenomenal. I crushed the Ford Street to I-70 segment along the Clear Creek Trail. I moved from roughly 10th-ish to 5th overall out of 300.  I've been steadily improving over the past few weeks.

The stars aligned providentially yesterday. I was on the road bike. I had a wicked awesome tailwind, and except for one little snarl there was no traffic on the trail.

Yeah it was a good...what? Tailwind? Yeah, tailwind! You can't, on one hand, laugh in joy because you got a good draft behind me coming around Turquoise Lake at 45 mph and then cry foul when I take maximum advantage of my surface area to crush your stick-figure Strava times. Oh no no no no!

All is fair in headwind or tail. If you can claim the advantage in a headwind then I get to call it with the classic Front Range Foothills jet stream at my ample back.

It has a lot to do with tactics too, not just raw speed. It's true!

Shut up!

Anyway, found three goatheads in the rear tire of Minus last night just before bed. I didn't have it in me to put in a new tube so I hauled the road bike out to the shed and the mountain bike into the house. So today I was on the fat tire bike. There was little hope I could beat my times from earlier in the week. This has been a fast week on skin-nay tires.

Then I got a text from my lovely wife:

You want us to pick you up tonight or just meet at home?

So...torn! Resting good! Ramming Speed Friday good! Ahhh!

So I decided I'd catch a ride with the family and have some Strava fun.

Why yes, I did track the car ride home. It was my fastest commute ever (well, since I've been using Strava) with a 30 mph average. Actually, that's sad because the biggest "segment" of the drive was along I-70.

I'm sure I'm still KOM though.

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