Tuesday, October 30

Ramming Speed (What The?!) Monday

If you can't laugh at yourself...

Sunday Mandy affirmed that we were going to run 5k. We decided back in September that we're going to run a 5k on Thanksgiving, and despite our resolve we've slacked on our training a bit.

Before Sunday I had ran no more than 2 miles without stopping in a few years. So why not just go all out and run the whole distance?

I ran out Ridge Road toward Olde Town. After the initial shock to my system I settled into a good pace. Running through Olde Town was fun, then I turned and headed for home. A little more than a mile from home my right thigh started cramping. I'd just been thinking that I was going to be able to run the entire 5k. Not so much.

I walked for a few dozen yards until my thigh started loosening; then I ran again. And within a few strides I was walking again. I finally resolved to just walk. I was bummed, but I just couldn't run.

That night I hobbled around the house, wincing with each stoop and each lurching out of chairs. The pain was uncomfortable. I worried it would affect my ability to get to and from work on Monday.

Yesterday morning I woke and got ready for work. I hardly noticed (or remembered) the pain from my cramp until I threw a leg over the top tube of my road bike. Oh yeah.

Of course the pain was less while pedaling than it had been walking. I cranked to work in a respectable time, even logging my best Strava time on the Applewood Southbound segment, and clocking in at 6th overall.

The first hour at work I stiff-legged around. Eventually my thigh loosened up and by the end of the day I forgot all about the previous day's cramping.

4:00 came and I shoved off on Minus for home. Within a couple of minutes it was apparent I was riding strongly. Down on Illinoising in Golden I felt downright fast. So I slammed down on the pedals and cranked hard.

I pushed much harder than usual. I was getting a good cardio ride in which is unusual. I don't typically get out of breath on the bike.

On and on I raced toward home, ever cognizant of my Strava competitors. I imagined I was breaking all kinds of records. But it seemed wishful thinking at best.

You can imagine my surprise when after my sync I discovered 8 trophies. I'm 2nd out of 5 on the US 6 Illinois Descent into Golden, 14th out of 300 on Ford Street in Golden and a personal record at 2:09 for the mile segment, I'm KOM (out of 32) on the 0.3 miles NB Tabor Clear Creek to 44th, and I had my 3rd best time on Ridge Road Straightaway (east) which is a hard segment.

When I careened through the Bikeport I'd managed a 21.9 mph average. What? Ramming Speed? On a MONDAY?!

Yeah, it was.

This morning I went light--just my wallet and work ID in my jersey pockets, no backpack-- and was determined to break some more records.On the segments I rode I had a similar effort as my commute yesterday afternoon, but what's more significant is that I finally cracked the elusive sub-40 minute morning commute.

So what seemed to me a debilitating cramp has somehow boosted my on bike performance. I guess I need me some more of that...

Wonder what the rest of the week will hold?

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