Thursday, October 25

Treading the Dawn

I love riding in the mornings. I love starting out before daylight and riding through the sunrise. Yes, even after a mini-snowpocalypse.

The rain started last night. It was cold. I got soaked. So I wasn't exactly looking forward to pedaling in this morning.

I fell out of bed and stumbled through the dark house like a drunken bear. I dressed simply: bike shorts under tights, wool socks under waterproof hikers, sleeved polypro shirt under my long sleeved jersey. I stuck my homemade wool hat on and trudged out to feed and water the rabbits and chickens.

Once I'd taken care of the animals I finished my commuting costume with a balaclava under my wool hat under my helmet, then gloves and glove liners . Someone might ask: Whatchoo got under there? Well, I just explained it.

Basically I just had two layers, but I was warm enough despite a continuous light and wet snow falling on my ride in. I liked my costume configuration over how I've dressed in the past. I didn't feel restricted or too bulky. That's always been one of my biggest frustrations with cold weather commuting.

The way I was dressed this morning didn't leave me too cold or overheated. It was nice being able to truly enjoy a winter bike commute at dawn.

So I've nailed my dress for a 30F and damp commute.

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