Tuesday, October 9

Wanted: Mountain Biking Gang/Posse

Anti-Social Mountain Biker Seeks Companionship.

Geographical proximity to the Arvada/Golden area preferred but not required. I am opportunistic and will ride whatever is close at hand. I.e. North Table, South Table, White Ranch, Chimney Gulch, Apex Gulch, Green Mountain, Dinosaur Ridge, Standley Lake, Dirty Bismarck, etc, etc.

Skill level: somewhere between intermediate crazy and gonzo gung-ho, but this is negotiable. My skill level is: "undefined."

Gearheads okay, but gear snobs need not apply. I don't ride the cheapest junk, but you gotta cut me some slack; Dr. Mountain Biker I am not.

Frequency of meet ups: as often as reality will allow. I have a family that has reasonable expectations that I will give them attention and care.(Families welcome!)


Must I be obsessed with endurance MTB races? No, but it will help.

Where will we ride? Various places near the metro area unless someone cares to shuttle my carless carcass further.

How far will we ride? To the horizon and back. Or until someone pukes.

What is the purpose of this "group?" Mutual edification through mutual depreciation. Actually, despite my claims of anti-social tendencies I am really a social person. And I like to watch others crash.

Why don't you seek road cyclists? Meh, not as fun in a group. Plus, I'm not so fast and ride an '86 Bianchi.

Will you post embarrassing things about me on your blog? Perhaps. Unless you pay the platinum level membership fee.

Does your wife know you're putting together a posse? I don't think so...


  1. Clearly, i'm in. I could probably drag my neighbor/aspiring bike snob if he does not fall all the way to the snob side of things. If I could get G.E over her fear of rocks, dirt, and hills, we would have an "enforcer" for the posse (her steel bike and downhill momentum make her the perfect Iron fist).

    1. LOL... hey, you don't get to post about me and think I won't see it! :O) I'm not afraid of dirt, for the record, nor of hills... just of giant rocks and giant roots popping out of the ground. :O)

  2. I think Mandy would be in too. If we could keep her away from tempting logs to jump off of ;) Mandy is an excellent cook.

    Wait, posses don't bring their wives! What are you doing to my little mens' club?!

    Nah, it would be good. Mandy is starting to enjoy the dirt, even when we have to scrub it out of the open wounds.

    Oh, and I found a good training ride almost comparable to Columbine. We should go do that. Lots. Until you puke.

  3. Sorry, it would be a bit of a hike for me to get there. I think that by the time I got there, I would have to go home (or start Leadville). Either way not sure its a good option. Puking sounds like fun, though.

  4. Yeah, too bad. You're not even close to our hometown in the east (Kentucky). That's okay. You can be posse in spirit.

    I have a friend (in Kentucky) that says if you're not puking you're not having fun. I say if he's puking I'm having fun. I don't like it one bit. And I've only come close once. Or maybe twice.

    I have hacked up both lungs though. So I don't need air anymore.

    1. Funny. My friends say that if I am not crashing my mtb I am not riding hard enough. Crashing is over rated IMHO.

    2. Yeah, I agree. I would think the end result (having a lot of fun) would be easier to obtain if you DIDN'T crash. I try to stay upright and on the bike.

      Crashes do make for better stories.

      "Yeah, I rode that trail"


      "I had to be airlifted by helicopter"

      Second one gets way more attention.

  5. How do we get to This-a-way? Do we need passports? Rear suspension? My mettle gets tested almost every time I leave the pavement, but I press on in a haze of bravado that has thus far not run out. I might be a wuss though.

  6. I have to share the text exchange I had with my wife after I posted this yesterday:

    World's Best Wife: It's blogs like today's that make me remember why I fell in love with you

    Me: I'm glad. I was scared you'd be pissed.

    World's Best Wife: Pissed? Nah, it was funny. Chicks should be allowed in your posse though.

    Me: Ok. Does that make me henpecked?

    World's Best Wife: No, it makes you married to one awesome...and hot chick.

    Me: Oh good! Worried about my manhood for a minute

    World's Best Wife: Now I will be pissed I have to give up all my free time to accommodate said posse and get nothing in return. (Like free time of my own).

    Me: Not true. Posse will not take Mandy time. It's in the charter.

    World's Best Wife: I want to be on the board and approve said charter.

    Me: I think this text qualifies as a de facto charter.