Wednesday, November 14

Arg, Pain! Yes, Again

No, I didn't crash. My right wrist hurts. I don't think I did anything drastic to injure it. It seems like it is an office related injury. Like, using a mouse all the time, texting/writing on my phone, and using the touch pad on my laptop has irritated it.

Carpal tunnel syndrome? Maybe. Hope not.

Anyway, I think it's time I seriously scaled back my use of keyboards, touch screens and pads and gave my hands a rest.

Therefore, I am going to do my best to cut back post a week.

To be honest I haven't had much to write about recently anyway. I've been struggling to come up with relevant topics and I feel like the blog has become an afterthought most of the time. I do enjoy keeping it, and I intend to continue writing here. I think maybe I just need to let my ideas build up, resolve into clarity, and come out after some deliberation and stuff like that.

If I make the career change I had mentioned recently I'm sure my synapses will be firing like crazy in the weeks and months thereafter, but we'll deal with that if and when it happens. For now, my plan is to kind of go into hibernation mode. I'll still be here, but I won't be terrorizing the forest looking for honey all the time. Perhaps I'll do some photo blogging if I feel the urge to post.

I will make a concerted effort to post no less than once a week. For now let's shoot for Monday mornings. I think 10am MST is a good round number.

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