Monday, November 12

Nothing to Write From Home About

Yeah, I'm one of those hated government employees that got Veterans Day off. So sue me. If only you knew...

I've worked on my novel today. I'm up to just shy of 27,000 words, and I can see that once I get this thing fleshed out it is going to be substantive. In fact, I was talking about it with my wife yesterday and said maybe I would truncate the story, and/or make it into two books.

What's funny is that as I write it I'm not terribly happy with where it's going. I mean, its going where i want it to, and it seems to be progressing organically, but I just want there to be more depth. I'm already rewriting in my head to give it more depth and meaning, but I'm abiding by the rules of NaNoWriMo and refraining from editing now. Oh how I want to!

I took tomorrow off as well. I want to ride some, but I may forgo the mountain biking fun and just stay home and write. I haven't decided.

I also apologize for the paucity of bikey things here. For whatever reason I've just not been inclined to write about cycling. I guess I need to go out and do some sweet jumps with my mountain bike. That would inspire me. Maybe I'll sneak up to Valmont in the morning. Or maybe I'll write. If I were a famous writer I could take more bike rides.

Grrr! Decisions!

Anyway, I did get a chilly ride in this afternoon. I rode up to school to pick up the Bean from Kindergarten, and then we drove Gump home. If it had been a little warmer I'd have just hauled her back on the X.

I must admit, I had a post all composed pontificating this potential career change coming up. Then I decided not to count my chickens before they've hatched. I'll spout on and on about that if and when I am offered the job. More on that in about a week.

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