Monday, November 5

Radical Pre-election Free Association

Yeah, so, tomorrow is election day. I voted early so tomorrow is like Election Day for me. Holiday. Not holy day.

I didn't vote one party or the other, and, as I had previously threatened, I wrote in Ron Paul for president.

I have been accused of throwing my vote away, but I am content with my choice because it was just that, and when everything goes to hell in a handbasket if/when we enter Obama's no-repercussion second term or Mittens "Roy Batty" Rmoney's first and last apocalyptic term I cannot be blamed by either camp for being a part of the problem.

Locally I typically always try to vote balance into the system; not one political ideal over another.

I do have religious beliefs that I don't want to be trodden on too heavily, but I harbor no illusions that the republicans in any way represent what I believe in or hold dear. I believe they have hijacked my beliefs and forced them into unholy marriage with capitalism. That I cannot abide.

But I can't throw in with the liberal camp either. So I hold steady, not in the center, but in my own little cave in an undisclosed political region. If I told you what I consider myself you'd probably just take it the wrong way. So I keep that to myself.

Anyway, as many cyclo-commuters and others have been saying recently: 6 o'clock dark sucks! Not only did my shift at work change, putting me at 5:30 getting out of the office instead of 4:00, but I've been sick through the time change and I'm just all messed up. Daylight savings time is a capitalist plot to knock everyone off kilter for no good reason. It should be abolished forthwith. I would suffer another immediate time change if we could go back to the way it was over this next weekend and then never change the clocks forward or back ever again. Amen.

I've been riding Minus a lot lately, and I'm really enjoying just cranking hard on the road bike. Today, despite not feeling 100%, I just blazed all over the western metro area. After work I sped home, and then up to Westminster for P/T conferences. I did 19.8 miles in just over an hour through urbia and sub-urbia. Pretty good considering...

There is a big secret I want to share, but I'm going to prudently refrain for the time being. Once everything is known I'll tell the whole sordid story. For now, let that be a burr under your saddle.

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