Friday, November 9

Ramming Speed Friday: Countdown to the Unknown Edition

Depending on the weather I might pull off a RSF next week. Then Thanksgiving break will pass unrammed. After that we'll know one way or the other if we're moving or staying.

Either way I'll dodge bad weather in early December (probably) so it'll be hit and miss during the holiday season.

The really bad weather usually comes after the first of the year. I'm not suspending Ramming Speed Friday...I'm just saying I have no idea if it will be a regular feature here over the next few months.

Not only did I manage a 6 O'clock Dark Ramming Speed Friday (19.65 mph!) but I also nabbed KOM for the Strava segment "US 6 - Illinois Descent Into Golden" and got my personal third best time on "Ford Street."

After that it was just too dark to really crank. I had the Laser cranked to maximum Real Genius power. It was still just too dark to be plying the Clear Creek Trail at 20+ mph. There were too many bike ninjas and walker ninjas. I wish all my ninjas would wear some kind of blinky illumination.

Have a great weekend!

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