Friday, November 30

Ramming Speed Friday: One More to Go

Previously I stated that on Minus I had to exceed a 20 mph average and on my other bikes only a 17 mph average to qualify for a Ramming Speed Friday. For inclement weather and 6 o'clock dark commutes I conceded that 17 mph would constitute a valid Ramming Speed Friday regardless of which steed I'd chosen.

My last day with Jeffco is next Friday. I'm certain I will ride, and I'm certain I will try to clock my best Ramming Speed Friday time ever.

After all, Ramming Speed Fridays were born in escapism. After long weeks laboriously reviewing permits I would fly home as fast as I could, trying to flee the cubicle, irate citizen, and all memories of them. As the light at the end of the tunnel brightens my escapist fantasies swell.

Tonight was my next to last potential RSF, so I made the best of it. Tonight was a 6 o'clock dark commute, 11.3 miles in 34 minutes...19.9 miles per hour!

I blew the 6 o'clock dark Ramming Speed Friday out of the water. I'll do my best next week to break my RSF record. My fastest Friday commute is 20.7 mph back in September. I've never cracked 22 mph, but I've come close. I pedaled 21.8 mph on July 16 of this year--a Monday--and again on October 16. But my all time fastest commute came on October 29th: 21.9 miles per hour.

My goal, next Friday, is to break the 22 mile per hour barrier.

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